From 0 to 100

Brand experience design for design0100 studio

Year: 2012
Designers: Jaeyong Lee
Client: 0100design

0100design is a design studio based in South Korea. The studio works for product design, interior design and graphic design.

My goal for this project was building the brand experience: logo design, website design and capturing conceptual images by following the design goal of the studio: "emptiness to completeness".

Concept images

Design Outcome

Logo design

The logo of 0100design represents emptiness to completion, which metaphorically illustrates the meaning in numbers: 0 to 100. 0 is empty, not perfect and everything is possible. 100 is the perfection, fulfillment and completion. As the studio was persuing this philosophy in their designs, the logo design also captured the essense of their spirit.

Jaeyong Lee.

Sr. Interaction Designer at Philips Lighting