Primary care matters

Information visualizations for primary care systems in emerging markets

Year: 2015
Designers: Jaeyong Lee
Roles: Information visualization
Company: Philips

Primary Care Project is a research project in Philips that investigates the opportunities of healthcare business in emerging markets: China, India, Brazil, Philippines and Kenya. During the internship period in Philips, I got this task arranging the results of field researches and visualizing the information in effective and intriguing ways. Due to the confidentiality issue of the project, the contents of researches are replaced with Lorem Ipsum.

The optimal ecosystem of healthcare in emerging markets Updated Philips health Continuum

Information visualizations

Since the purpose of this project was creating a compelling visual presentation embodying the background of the researches, the progresses of field researches, insights and findings, almost all graphical elements should have designed from the scratch. I focused on building visual identity of the project and creating an understandable graphical language transforming complex research data to insightful and effective visuals.

Targeted emerging markets Icon designs of stakeholders

Each market had a various contextual differences in their healthcare systems: people’s perceptions, desires, bottlenecks of systems, pain points of users, governmental policies and so on. To illustrate those complexities of each country’s contextual differences, I simplified contents and emphasized keywords by using diverse information visualization methods.

Jaeyong Lee.

Sr. Interaction Designer at Philips Lighting